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Morfone™ Electric Ear Cleaner

Morfone™ Electric Ear Cleaner

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Revolutionize Ear Cleaning with Morfone™ Electric Ear Cleaner: A Safer, More Effective Solution.

Deep & Comprehensive Cleaning: Unlike traditional cotton swabs or ear scoops, the Morfone™ Electric Ear Cleaner offers a deeper, more comprehensive ear canal cleaning experience. Its design ensures safety, preventing damage to the ear canal by hard objects.

Advanced Water/Sump Separation: The latest model features an innovative separation of clean water and sump, eliminating the need for manual sewage handling. Enjoy integrated sewage treatment and single-hand operation for a convenient, mess-free experience, ready to use anywhere.

270° Spray Coverage: Equipped with 3 spray holes providing 270 degrees of coverage, our ear cleaner ensures a thorough cleaning unlike any other. This method avoids direct spray, protecting your eardrum from water damage.

Four Cleaning Modes: Tailor your ear cleaning experience with four modes: Normal, Strong, Soft, and Pause, designed to suit your comfort and cleaning needs.

Optimal Water Temperature Monitoring: With a working range of 27-37°C, our ear cleaner monitors water temperature to prevent discomfort or injury from too cold or hot water, ensuring a pleasant cleaning experience.

Ergonomic, Waterproof Design: The integrated product design boasts a comfortable grip and IP67 waterproof rating, making it suitable for use in the shower.

Family-Friendly Accessories: Comes with several replacement sprinklers to accommodate different users within a family, making it incredibly versatile.

Compatible with Medical Ear Cleaning Fluids: For users with ear inflammation, the Morfone™ Electric Ear Cleaner can be used with medical ear cleaning fluids to facilitate self-cleaning and expedite recovery.

Elevate your ear cleaning routine with the Morfone™ Electric Ear Cleaner – your solution to safe, efficient, and comprehensive ear care.

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Customer Reviews

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Great product

Product as I expected

Morfone Customer
Easy to use.

No longer need a hearing aid.

Feels like a massage

I got this today because I has a piece of cotton stuck up against my eardrum and had a crackling sound from it. I don’t use Q-tips, so I don’t know how it got there, but my camera tool I use to check kids ears for infections showed a piece of cotton sitting right on my drum. One flush on the lowest setting with this bad boy and it was out. I don’t have a wax buildup issue, but I tried it in my other ear bc it felt so great. It is like a massage. My oldest kiddo has a wax buildup issue, so I will report back on how he likes/dislikes it!

Chad Friedman

The best ear cleaner in history!

Duane M.
Great seller, item packed very well and shipped fast.

Great seller, item packed very well and shipped fast.  item as describes and excellent communications. …Worked well for me. A+++ - Well-constructed, exactly what I was looking for. Excellent quality, and highly recommended. I was pleased.