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Morfone's Electric Ear Cleaner project has raised $120,366 on kickstarter.

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Morfone is set to transform the way you clean

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  • Ear care is an important step in keeping your ears healthy and preventing ear disease.
  • Ear care it prevents ear diseases, protects hearing, improves quality of life, prevents complications, maintains overall health, increases alertness, and prevents hearing deterioration.
  • With proper ear care, we can keep our ears healthy and enjoy a high quality of life.
  • The benefits of oral care include preventing dental disease, maintaining fresh breath, improving aesthetics and self-confidence, preventing oral cancer, and maintaining overall health.
  • The importance of oral care can be seen in preventing systemic diseases, improving quality of life, saving money on healthcare costs, preserving nutrient absorption, safeguarding health during pregnancy, and preventing pain and discomfort.
  • By adhering to good oral hygiene practices, we can maintain good oral health, thereby improving overall health and quality of life.
  • Eye Care is essential to maintaining visual health and overall wellness!
  • The benefits of eye care include preventing eye disease, preserving vision and enhancing overall health. Its importance is seen in safeguarding quality of life, preventing serious vision impairment, improving productivity and preventing systemic disease
  • Eye health can be effectively maintained through eye care, eye protection, proper rest, a healthy diet, keeping the eyes moist and avoiding eye infections, thus enhancing quality of life and overall health.


Ear Cleaner


Morfone goes beyond traditional methods to provide a thorough and comprehensive ear cleaning solution.

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270° Surround Jet Spray

Morfone features a 3-hole, 270° surround jet spray mechanism, ensuring comprehensive coverage and thorough cleaning. Moreover, it safeguards your eardrums from potential water damage.

Nurturing Your Ears with Love and Care

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Provides a deeper, more complete ear canal cleaning experience.

Morfone Elektrischer Ohrenreiniger I

Morfone Elektrischer Ohrenreiniger I


Revolutionieren Sie die Ohrenreinigung mit dem elektrischen Ohrenreiniger von Morfone: Eine sicherere, effektivere Lösung.

Tiefe und umfassende Reinigung: Anders...

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